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Pushing Past Fear

“I would just love to inspire any upcoming artists with my journey because for a really long time, I was resistant to sharing my gift and it was a challenge for me. I was disobedient. Primarily because music is so spiritual for me and it makes me feel naked. Singing exposes you in a way no other art form does. So it was frightening for me to push past fear and be that vulnerable with the thing I loved most of all. When you feel completely stripped it requires a level of bravery to open yourself up. Of course, there’s criticism, there’s disapproval, there’s haters, there’s people that just may not connect with what it is that you have to offer as an artist, so I definitely struggled with allowing others to see this most authentic side of me. But what I now know is my music will be accepted by whomever it is meant to impact and whomever it is supposed to inspire. And music is my refuge. It is me and I am music. All day, everyday. So I simply want to encourage any artist who’s holding their gift hostage or keeping it closeted and being fearful of what’s on the otherside of the unknown to just do it. Just leap!”

--- Toy Taha

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