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Critical Acclaim

Toy Taha made her debut on the independent music scene in 2013. Based in Philadelphia, PA, however she has now grown her audience worldwide. Browse through the following selection of reviews covering everything from her latest work to recent live performances.

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A&R Factory

Taha's vocal lines weave through the complexities of quick-to-burn passion and being left with the aftermath of deception. Her voice, cultivated from a rich tapestry of influences ranging from Shirley Murdoch to Whitney Houston, scathes with a raw intensity, smoldering with unresolved passion. 

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“Thrill Is Gone” is a reflection of Taha’s talent and unfaltering commitment to her work, which she uses to enchant listeners with her sweet voice and honest lyrics. With every chord, she takes the audience on a musical voyage of introspection, strength, and the everlasting influence of music on healing and motivation.



"Thrill Is Gone" becomes a timeless addition to Taha's musical tapestry, further solidifying her artistic journey and soulful expression.

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Taha's presence is something that rivals the big leagues as she is able to grab you and pull you right into her world in seconds flat. And it feels great to be there with her. This release is packed with heart and genuine realness that you come to love, and it has this thing about it that makes you feel like you know her better after it's over.



Enticing our awaiting ears with something rather seductive and tremendously romantic, Toy Taha temps us to turn this track all the way up and succeeds with a ravishing display of electrifying intent. Her vocals are heightened beyond imagination and there is much to admire, about an artist who performs with so much freedom and passion.



The single “Suite EFX” opens with a sublime, smooth musical arrangement and tempo reminiscent of R&B hits from the 1970s. Her vocals and lyrics draw in the listener. This upcoming R&B artist is guaranteed to make a splash in her chosen genres of R&B, midnight soul and quiet storm. She will be one to watch in the next few years.

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It seems the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia, is still committed to pouring out their tradition for love songs and reincarnations of that irresistible Philly soul. A close glimpse inside the newer generation of musicians and singers like Toy Taha, who grew up on the vocal tapestry of Phyllis Hyman, Patti LaBelle and Rachelle Ferrell, exposes this bit of good news.


Toy Taha is a music artist from Philadelphia, PA known for her soulful style and ability to reach across different genres of music such as R&B, Neo-Soul, Pop, Jazz, Adult Contemporary, Country, and Opera. Toy Taha is heavily influenced by the rich musical history of Philadelphia, and many of her favorite artists and inspirations come from the city or have had a significant impact on its sound.


TEW Reviews

“That sh*t was FIRE!"
5 out of 5
on Suite EFX


“She gets pretty creative lyrically & finds ways to paint steamy/seductive imagery without being completely direct/vulgar. This Toy Taha single is top notch & a great example of quality R&B. Between the luscious instrumental palette & creative songwriting, it’s an easy recommendation for any fan of the genre.”
on Suite EFX
"Choice cuts for me are "Loving on Me" followed by "Collapsed" and "Space x Time"'s a pretty solid EP."
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